Cortex7 Cryptocoin Trading Client

Quick Start Guide

The first thing you will want to do is download and install the Cortex7 client.

OK I've Installed the Client, Now What?

The Cortex7 menu is opened by tapping the menu activation button as shown in the screenshot to the right.

This button is always present at the bottom left of the chart area.

The button is transparent when the menu is closed, so it may be difficult to see until you get used to it.
Cortex7 menu activation

Once you've activated the main menu you will be presented with a row of icon buttons, this guide will refer to these icon buttons by name:

Cortex7 menu icons

How Do I Chart Bitcoin?

The first thing you will have to do is sign up for an account with Cortex7. If you don't have an account yet then sign up here.

In order to chart and trade in live bitcoin markets your account will need to be loaded with some subscription. You can check your remaining subscription by logging in to your Cortex7 account.

Binding the Client App to Your Account.

You need to bind your Cortex7 client application to your Cortex7 account held on the Cortex7 server.

You only need to do this once:

01.   Obtain your NETCODE from your online Cortex7 account

02.   Write your NETCODE down or copy it to your computers clipboard.

03.   Start up your Cortex7 client application.

04.   Tap the "app settings" menu button.

05.   Tap the "SUBSCRIPTION STATUS" menu item.

06.   Tap the "CODE" menu item to enter the keyboard.

07.   Type or paste your NETCODE into the keyboard and press "ENT".

08.   Now press the "VALIDATE NET CODE" menu item.

09.   You should be greeted and told about your subscription status.

10.   Press the "OK" button.

Creating a New Bitcoin Chart Workspace

01.   Tap the "file menu" button.

02.   Tap the "NEW" menu item.

03.   Wait for the available symbols to be loaded.

04.   Tap the "SYMBOL" menu item.

05.   Select a symbol by dragging the selector wheel (eg. "BTCE_BTC_USD").

06.   Tap the selector control to lock in your selection.

07.   Tap the "NAME" menu item.

08.   ENTer any name you like using the keyboard (eg. "MY BITSTAMP USD").

09.   You can ignore the "YAH SYM" menu item.

10.   Press the "OK" button.

If you have never charted this exchange/fiat combination in the past then Cortex7 will download the entire trade history at 1 minute trade resolution. This could take some time, you will be presented with the progress. You will have time to grab a snack or browse the web, or maybe even pop out to a local shop.

This initial long-time update is a one off, the next time you create or load that exchange/fiat pair Cortex7 will only grab new data since last update. All data gets cached to your computers hard drive (don't worry it is quite compact).

The Data Has Loaded, Now What?

Time to enjoy the chart engine, use your mouse or fingertip to control the chart.

Tap and drag in the horizontal direction to move the chart around in time.

Tap and drag in the vertical direction zoom in and out of the chart.

Quick tap anywhere on the chart to popup a data query box, once the box is visible you can tap and drag it to move it around. Quickly tap a box again to close it. Popping up two seperate boxes allows you to examine a range of data.

When you exit Cortex7 it will start up by loading the last workspace that you had open.

How do I Trade on an Exchange?

To enable trading you must login to your Cortex7 account and configure the relevant API key/sectret pair for the exchange you wish to trade on.

Quick tip: To quickly create a limit order you can tap and hold the price Y-Axis in the Cortex7 charting client.
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